Lycoming College


Below is information that would have a direct impact not only on your college experience and the opportunities we can help with beyond college.  If you haven’t yet, Click Here to apply online.  The application only takes a few minutes, is free, and will help us get the ball rolling on how much money Lycoming will be able to offer you.

ACADEMIC STANDING: We are a Tier 1 Academic School by US News & World Report, highest available grade by the leading authority in evaluating colleges in the United States. As you can see below we are proud of our academic tradition.


MAJOR: We offer 36 different majors to choose from, and you don’t have to select right now.  Whatever you decide to focus on we will work tirelessly toward your success. After deciding upon a major we’ll help to secure an internship prior to graduation. Gaining experience in the field, with the possibility of earning college credits, is a great resume builder for your future.



BASKETBALL: We’ve had great success here at Lycoming. We’ve gone to the championship game 3 of the last 4 years with an NCAA Tournament appearance in that time. We graduate three starters and although we don’t guarantee you a starting spot, we will need a guy to step in and play immediately next season!


INTERNSHIP/SUMMER EXPERIENCE: No other institution is going to give you opportunities like this. Other schools may assist in finding an internship for him, but not with the aggression and level that we do. Additionally, the chance to play over in Europe before you graduate in front of GM’s and Owners of various club teams is invaluable.




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