全米で一番有名な、そして実力のあるPersonal Skill Workout Trainer(肩書きが合ってるかは正直定かではありませんが笑)、Ganon BakerとそのパートナーDillon Berner!













It was very nice to see you both in Japan AGAIN!! Because of the good luck, I could see those great people last year and this year.

Their stories always motivate me: how they started their business, how they have grown it, how they overcame their most difficult time, etc… It never gets boring. They are always open-minded to me and honest with me all the time.

Their advices mean world to me. The best thing about them is that they are still trying to get better everyday. They are never satisfied with where they are. Thus, I respect them so much and enjoy spending time with them.


Very thankful for this great opportunity and always welcome back to Japan!!
Look forward to seeing you somewhere on this earth and hope to work with you next time!